TRIME introduces X-Mine Monster

Go Solar, Go X-Pole!

Our goal of being the number one lighting tower manufacturer concentrating in the development and innovation of sustainable lighting equipment, has led us to design a wide range of solar technology solutions.
Our new X-Pole Solar is one of a range of robust lighting towers that operate from non-fossil fuel power.
The Trime X-Pole Solar has been developed using the latest renewable energy technology and is currently the smallest solar tower in Trime solar range.

The advantages of the Trime X-Pole Solar are many; The X-Pole Solar allows you to solve low-intensity lighting problems, whilst completely eliminating all fuel costs and any CO2 emissions. The wider environment will also benefit from its zero noise levels.
The X-Pole Solar weighs just 400kg making it extremely easy to handle and transport in containers and trucks.
The highly efficient solar panel allows an operator to create light without having to endure expensive maintenance costs and similar expenditure typically associated with standard lighting towers. In addition, the PIR sensor ensures that the X-Pole Solar is only illuminated when really needed.

Above are just few of the key features and benefits that make the X-Pole Solar an ideal lighting tower for companies that want to embrace solar technology, whilst keeping their operating costs to a minimum. The X-Pole Solar is also ideally suited to illuminate limited strategic areas such as car parks, walkways, and on construction sites; indeed anywhere when low-cost, high-efficient and sustainable lighting is a requirement.

Another huge feature of the X-Pole Solar is that no connection cables are needed, thus making the X-Pole Solar a perfect standalone solution that once fully deployed, is ready to use with the minimum of fuss.

Go Green, Go Smart, Go Solar ... Go Trime!



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