TRIME introduces X-Mine Monster

1st Mobile Lighting Tower with assisted electrical movement

The current health crisis may have stifled our ability to move freely, but it certainly hasn’t inhibited the innovation and design teams at the leading lighting tower manufacturer, Trime.
Their latest creation to roll from the production line is the Trime X-CITY HYBRID. This advanced battery-powered lighting tower emits zero noise, zero emissions and, when in hybrid mode, consumes zero fuel.
Trime believe that the X-CITY HYBRID is the ideal lighting tower for the current climate. As the lockdown approaches and some market sectors begin returning to work, strict social distancing is still likely to be enforced. Therefore the one-person operation of the X-CITY HYBRID will ensure that sites, indoors or outside, can have safe bright lighting without compromising health and safety.
TheX-CITY HYBRID is a highly compact LED lighting tower ideally suited for providing safe, energy saving illumination in areas where space is at a premium. The X-CITY HYBRID features either a 3.5m or 5.0m vertical mask with four 150watt, multi directionally adjustable and angled lamps. The antiglare LED lamps make the X-CITY HYBRID ideally suited for highway and trackside working or for facility maintenance. Power is from a single-cylinder Yanmar diesel engine combined with an AGM battery pack that delivers a running time of eight hours and a re-charging period of five hours. The 35-litre fuel tank can operate for up to 455 hours between refills.
The X-CITY HYBRID boats the very compact dimensions 1395 (L) x 950 (W) and 1170mm (H). It weighs just 470Kg, which means that it can be transported in most standard passenger lifts and manoeuvred via to its’ front motorised axle. The Trime X-CITY HYBRID will easily fit into a small van, or for multiple applications, up to 20 X-CITY HYBRID sets can be loaded on a single truck.

The Trime X-CITY HYBRID is believed to be the world’s first electrically assisted lighting tower.



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