Trime has been awarded at the Green Apple Awards for the environmental care in its engineering activity. A prestigious award that we are really proud of.

Costumers of diesel engine driven only light towers have been consumed by the amount of time it takes to keep a diesel light tower operational.

Diesel engine powered towers must be daily started manually (or automatically), maintained monthly, and most annoying, refueled constantly. X-TS instaed is the latest arrival in our Hybrid- solar range that will avoid all the above and will grant you to save overall costs – operational and maintenance time and last but not latest the environment.

Based on a single fuel tank this special lighting solution can run for 175hrs before any refill, with a combination of 10hrs powered from Solar panel & batteries pack (i.e. NO Co2 emissions – NO fuel consumption – NO noise level) with a need of just 9 to recharge them.

High efficency LED heads – electric actuator – DSE logic controller – Timer and Light sensor and just few of the key features of this unique lighting solution.



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