Trime R&D department in the pass couple of months have done an amazing job working daily very hard in order to lunch 5 new model machines in a very short period of time!

Above massive goal started up from just one simple mission: offer to our costumers and in general to the market place innovative GREEN ECO SUSTAINABLE lighting solutions, really so far away from std old fashion model machines.
We work constantly to make it happen becuase for us above mission is not just in words or on a magazine; we really believe that greener future is in our hands!!!
As you can easy see and check TRIME is the only company wordwide able to offer such as wide range of REAL ECO solutions.
Greenline is just a “simple” conseguence of all the above and jocks aside a great achievement for all us.
We are all here very proud about the job done and really exciting about new models that will be lunched soon, R&D dept in TRIME will never sleep!!!


These are our new machines: X-City Hybrid, X-Solar Hybrid, X-Solar, X-Baby and X-Pole Solar. Here are some of their main characteristics.

X-City Hybrid is the first mobile lighting tower with assisted electrical movement and it guarantees 1800 sqm of illuminated area with the lowest emission, noise and fuel consumption. 

X-Solar Hybrid illuminates 2400 sqm, with a technology that allows you to have maxi- mum fuel efficiency and cost reduction: it needs its first refilling after 300 hours.

X-Solar also offers 2400 sqm of illumination and zero Co2 emission, zero noise level and zero odours.

X-Baby is the first unique battery driven lighting tower solution, with no carbon emission: up to 54 units can be loaded on a standard truck.

X-Pole Solar dims itself when there is no one around to improve power efficiency, and when someone walk around it increses its light to maximum power.


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