Trime S.p.a. presents X-Eco Battery, a portable light tower totally compatible with the environment. Here are its technical features.

Trime S.p.a. introduces you to a portable light tower totally independent and compatible with the environment. X-Eco Battery, the first 100% eco-friendly solution for your lighting needs. Here is what makes this product unique.

Portable light tower

X-Eco Battery is the first and unique totally eco-friendly, battery driven portable light tower. Its exclusive characteristics includes a 36-72 hours running time without noise nor maintenances, no carbon emission, standard timer for machine power on and off, multi-directionally adjustable and tiltable oodlights, 7 sections hydraulic 9m and 340° rotatable vertical tower, very compact dimensions for easy handling and transportability up to 14 units per truck, certified wind stability up tp 110 km/h, 4 height adjustable stabilizers and much more.
It finds its best applications in many different contexts: special events, rural and hard to reach areas, emergency responses, construction and work sites, gas oil and mining operations, and military applications.
Take a look at the X-Eco Battery’s data sheet for more informations.



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