So proud to announce that at ARA show next week we will officially lunch for the first time the following unique lighting towers.

  1. X-Smart on road tow trailer - Manual raising system - 19pcs in a flatbed truck - 175 litres metal fuel tank capacity - 270hrs running time – Kubota Z482 / 1.800rpm electronic governor engine - fully bunded – 4x280W HIGH EFFICENCY ITALIAN LED HEADS and DSE401 logic controller c/w setting digital timer.
  2. X-Smart with all above key features but HYDRAULIC RAISING SYSTEM (first lighting tower in the world with all together these benefits).
  3. Last but not latest the first and only LED plug in solution in the world with a patent automatic mast brake but in “Dual Voltage” configuration. What’s mean “ dual voltage”? Main frontal panel c/w selector switch 120/240V + 50A male inlet – 50A Twist lock female both powered at 240V & and the second frontal panel instead c/w 20A plug e 20A GFCI both @ 120V.

Don’t miss the opportunity to touch with your hands the amazing technical features of our innovative lighting solutions!!!



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