Discover X-Chain, our line of lighting towers with a patented emergency brake system

"Occupational safety" means a condition necessary to ensure that a worker is in a situation where there is no risk of accidents. The workplace must therefore be equipped with the tools & equipments necessary to ensure a degree of protection against the possibility of such accidents. Workplace safety is a major issue, and this is especially when it comes to construction sites; In fact, construction sites may, probably because of the nature of their work, be dangerous if all precautions are not respected.
For all above reasons all our lighting towers has been developed taking this concept very clear in mind.
X-Chain model for example is the first lighting tower in the market industry equipped as a standard feature with a patented mast emergency brake system to improve safety of the operators on sites (Registration number: 102017000044431).

X-Chain lighting towers 

This line guarantees no fuel costs, no carbon emission, no maintenance and no noise emission; and on a standard truck is possible to transport up to 32 units. It includes three models: X-ChainX-Chain Anti Glare (with anti-glare LED) and X-Chain Atex (anti explosion, for explosive areas). All three versions have, among the others, these characteristics:

- manual lifting system by winch complete with auto-braking system;

- very compact dimensions for easy handling & transportability;

- central lifting eye forklift pockets for effective handling;

- guided main coiled cable to avoid damage during tower operation,

- circuit breaker for electrical protection against overload;

- certified wind stability up tp 110 km/h;

- 4 extendable & height adjustable stabilizers;

- patented mast emergency brake which prevents the falling of the mast in case of cable failure.


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