X-Mine 3200

The mighty Trime X-MINE 3200 lighting tower delivers widespread illumination from 8 LED lamps. The Trime X-MINE 3200 tower light has a series of safety-first features built-in as standard. The mast and lighting controls are fully hydraulic, and the build is rugged and robust. Although the Trime X-MINE 3200 lighting set is for lighting mines and quarries, the X-MINE 3200 can be used on specialist construction sites, highway working and on trackside projects.


  • Galvanized metalworks
  • 80 μm powder coating finishing
  • High Efficency Italian made led heads powered at 48V
  • Plug & play, colour coded cables and connectors
  • Circuit breakers to power up led heads 1 every 2 floodlights complete with single protection
  • General MCB for electrical protection against overload
  • Specific permanent magnent alternator full DC
  • Fully bunded tank, 110%
  • Certified wind stability up to110 km/h
  • On board levels for guidance during stabilization
  • Light bar electric tilt operation over 90deg radius
  • Light bar electric rotation operation over 300deg
  • Heavy duty mine spec. trailer complete with front jockey wheel
  • 4 heavy duty Hydraulic extendable stabilizers
  • Full hydraulic mast with 2 step operations
  • Automatic safety PIN to block the mast before raise it up at 10 m
  • Black rubber chain to avoid damages during tower operations
  • 2 BIG SIDE DOORS for easy maintenance
  • Wheel nut indicators
  • Safety 2 hands operation switch
  • Full electrical lights operation
  • Central lifting eye
  • Side Forklift pockets
  • Front Spare wheel
  • DSE L401 controller
  • Light sensor
  • Timer (included in the DSE L401)
  • Light sensor / timer switch
  • Battery switch
  • External Emergency stop button
  • Internal Work light complete with ON/ OFF switch fitted on the frontal panel

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